T h e   V a n i d i c u s

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Here lay all traditions and initiations of the Vanidicus.  Before you go on, please keep in mind that the RP administrators came up with these ourselves.  Seen anywhere else without credit, we will consider our ideas stolen.  

Yes, you will be expected to participate in our traditions.  The right of passage is mandatory.

RIght of Passage - Pack initiation 

Now, before initiation you will have had a few tests of skill to decide your placement.  To actually be considered a full member, you will have to complete your right of passage.

There are two parts.  The first part is to hunt an animal that represents your character.  For instance, a swift or fast character may hunt a rabbit.  A large brute of a wolf might hunt a wolverine or even a buck.  They must do this alone.

When the animal is killed, present it to a high ranking.  Once they have approved, you will take a piece off of the animal to sport as a sort of 'accessory' or something.  Like the tooth of a wolverine, the foot of a rabbit, etc.  Be creative.  This item is known as an 'omen' and you must never loose or dispose of it.

The second part takes place the following evening.  You must go alone to the four stones of Esthera (if you don't know what that is, you'll know soon enough) and choose a stone that is for your rank or skill.

One stone represents purity, selflessness and healing.  The other stone represents fairness, strength and battle.  The other, more hooked stone represents swiftness, cunning and stealth.  The last stone is only for those who are high ranks, or becoming a high rank.  It represents all three skills as well as courage and nobility.  You probably won't be going to that stone just yet.

You will put your omen by the rock, and sleep under the stone.  You may have dreams of the ancestors, or perhaps an omen or sign of your present, your past or your future. When you awaken, you will be considered a full Vanidicus member.  Take your omen, and return to camp.

(We're still coming up with traditions and games for the pack to do.  Should you have any ideas, do tell us!)

The Mannen Tier Initiation 

The Mannen Tier take their ranks very seriously.  Those who join them must be experienced in not only one, but two skills.

The first part of the initiation is to demonstrate these two skills to the other Mannen ranks.  They will be given 10 minutes to demonstrate two skills in any way as they please.  They can ask another Mannen to be their battle opponent, use other animals, and other things in their environment.  You're encouraged to be creative.

Once having passed the first part, the next part is to take your omen and travel to the four stones of Esthera as you probably did before for the right of passage.  This time, you will sleep at the stone of Vanidicus, one that represents all 3 other stones as well as nobility and courage, and when you awaken you will be blessed with skills and experience.  When returning to camp the next morning, you will be welcomed as an official Mannen rank.

Kynigi - Blood Bonding

Kynigi is a tradition that allows the pack to bond in blood.  Literally.  One wolf cuts themselves on the paw pad and uses their blood to pain designs onto the other's pelt.  An herb is applied to the blood to stop it from washing off or wearing off.

Often times the painter draws on something they thing represents the other wolf in some way.  For instance, a bright, pure she wolf might get a sun or flower design.  Things of that sort.

Blood bonding occurs every saturday evening if enough are online.  You are not required to participate.  

Machi - A time to prove yourself...

Machi gives wolves of low rank or even middle rank who would like to prove themselves within the pack.  No matter the tier or the ranking, any wolf is allowed to step in at any time and participate.  

Any participators go into the pack's fighting pit.  This is a time to claim dominance over other members and show the Aima pair your stuff.  Its your time to shine.. 

You fight.  Fight any wolf that steps forward, that challenges, anyone.  There is no team- it is nothing more than endless battle among the pack.  Not to the death of course, in fact those who are too wounded are pulled from the pit.  A medic also stands by.

The last two standing are guaranteed a high ranking, for they have dominated all others in the pit.  Those who have proved themselves, even if they had to leave the pit or were beaten to a pulp, will be considered for high rank and receive recognition for their skills.