T h e   V a n i d i c u s

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You are required to read not only the rules but the in character laws to get the gist of the pack's in character behavior.  

Yes, there is a lot of rules.  Just read the ones that apply to you.  (i.e, if you're not a pup then don't read the pup rules.)


The Vanidicus is a pack of no tolerance.  Disrespect them, and you will be punished.  Always respect those higher than you, for they have worked hard to get where they are.

Every wolf shall contribute to the pack with their skills or be left for dead.

Don't be a hero.  Those who are sick and plagued with the Bavan hysteria have a mind that is long gone.  They are to be abandoned and left behind, as they will kill you.

Never fight or spill the blood of any Vanidicus unless in defense or ordered to do so by the Aima.  Battling is an art considered sacred and shouldn't be done just because one is angered at another.

Never, ever harm a pup in any way, even if it is teaching them a lesson.  A wolf under the age of 12 months is never to be harmed physically.

Never challenge an Aima, for they are the leader and it is disrespectful.

Treason will get you killed.  Be loyal, and you will be respected and even loved within the pack.

Never speak bad of a higher up.  They are high ranked for a reason.

Never demand anything.  You get what you deserve to get.

All Vanidicus have a say in their leader and other high ranks, and can make them step down if they are wrong in their power.

Out of Character Rules

- The first rule of all is to read the rules that apply to you and your character.


- This pack is strictly literate, and though we occasionally allow semi-literates, it is because we are giving them time to improve.  If improvement is not seen within a month and a half, you will be kicked.  Always add detail, punctuation and grammar to each post.  

-  If you are trying to improve, please accept help.  All members want to do is assist you, not criticize you!

-  If you're a person trying to help someone improve, then don't get snappy about it.  Be kind and give them tips and pointers.


- This pack is semi-realistic.  Behavior and plot wise this means that not all interactions will be realistic.  The pack also looks up to gods and spirits for guidance.  However, they do not have any sort of power like breathing fire, and they do not have wings or anything of the sort.

Pelt wise this means that all colors must be realistic, but markings wise you can go crazy.  You can have tattoos, arrows, etc as long as your character has realistic coloring.

Red splashes of color are also acceptable as the pack has a tradition involving painting on eachother with blood.

In short, no powers or unrealistic colors.


-  Each person is allowed two characters.  Only one may hold high rank, and the one of high rank you must be on a lot more than the other.

-  Bitchy or overly-flirtatious characters who are constantly calling other people names are okay but frowned upon.  Its honestly annoying.  Just putting that out there for you.

-  No insta-killing your character.  You can get severely damaged, but you must have your character for three weeks before considering killing them off.  If its part of a plot and an RP admin has approved, you can kill them off.

-  Anything you decide to do is at your character's risk.  If your character snaps at a high rank, they'll probably get beaten.  Just prepare yourself for it.

-  Please do not use your character as a way to cause drama.  Like trying to get a mate, constantly getting hurt for attention, etc.

-  Use the right character for the right rank.  Meaning you wouldn't see a small, cute little female who couldn't even hurt a butterfly being the rank of a big tough soldier.  They could, but chances are they wouldn't be very good considering their personality and size.


- This RP requires activity.  We put great effort into not only the forum and plot but the map as well.  You must check in three times a week (more if you are a high rank) or you will be deranked.  If you have an excuse, please tell us or your excuse will not count.

-  You also must be active on the forum.  Check in at least twice a week.  We post important updates on here and we spent a lot of time building it, please don't let us see it go to waste.


-  You must age realistically.  Three-five days should equal about a month.

-  All pups MUST have a mother or guardian.  No, we will not role play finding you abandoned in the woods.  Its only realistic to have a mother or guardian, even if its an older sibling or an adoptive parent.

-  No newborn pups unless born into the pack with a mother and a father.

-  No pups who can fight or who are 'destined for greatness.'  

-  No wondering off or drowning.  In Bavan Hollows, pups will probably only last about twenty minutes before they get killed.  Realistically a pup will be very curious and want to wonder about, but do not stray too far from your guardian.

-  Any pup at the age of 6 months old will be given a mentor to teach them the necessary skills they will need until they are 14 months old and reach their ranking ceremony. 

High rankings

-  Your character's ranking doesn't give you the right to boss people around.

-  All high ranks will be carefully chosen and not just given out freely.

-  You must be very active and loyal, on about every other day.

-  You will lose your position if you fail to show up for recruiting, important events, or put other RPs first all of the time.  Even if excused and real life things get in the way, you still will be replaced.  Sorry.

Fighting Fairly

Okay, this part is important.  The pack loves battle, so we have a lot of rules on fighting.  If you're a healing rank or something of the sort then don't worry about this.

-  Absolutely no powers or auto-hit will be tolerated.  Auto-hitting is saying in your role play post you have full on landed a hit and there is no way of dodging it.  Example:  He bit into her neck, tasting her blood.

-  You must aim and attempt.  Aiming and attempting is saying in your post that you are trying to make a hit and may or may not miss.  Example:  He snapped his teeth at her throat, trying to bite her. 

- DO NOT CLAW.  Wolves cannot claw.  Please remember they can't claw.  Do not try to dig your nails into someone else, a wolf can't claw.  Don't claw.  Did we mention you aren't supposed to claw?  Wolves do not have feline nails.  They can only realistically do damage on the eyes and underbelly, and even then it isn't too much.  And no characters who are 'a different species so they have nails' or something of that sort.

- No wolves who 'can't feel pain.'  We know this an actual serious disease, and yes, some animals are born with something that causes them to not feel pain, but we won't tolerate it.  Its unrealistic and unfair.  

-  ACKNOWLEDGE HITS.  MAKE YOUR CHARACTER GET HURT.  PLEASE.  If your character gets knocked in the jaw, chest, stomach, somewhere powerful, they will probably be out for a few seconds and that part of their body is now a weak spot.

-  No killing someone's character in RP without asking OOC first.

-  If we have to constantly remind you how to fight fairly, you will not be allowed to be a fighting rank.  

-  No ninja wolves who can do backflips or unrealistic moves.

-  Either strength or agility.  Not both.  

-  No constant dodging.  You are allowed 5 dodges in a spar (perhaps more if it is very long or your character is more agile) and they may not be consecutive, meaning you can't dodge 5 times in a row.

-  Know your mortality.  Sorry, but no matter how agile your character is, if they're around pup size and try to take on a big, huge brute, they'll probably die as soon as they grab at them.  Don't pick fights you can't realistically win unless you plan on killing off your character.

Other important rules

No spamming in group chat.  Or really any chat.

Cussing is fine, but if someone (no matter what rank or place) requests that you stop cussing so much, then do so as its probably offending other people as well.

No post-cutting at all.  On accident, its fine and you'll be forgiven, but if you continuously post cut you will be asked to leave.

Absolutely no jokes that will offend someone.  Things such as racism, abuse, rape, etc should never be mentioned or joked about.  You should know better anyways.

Please don't constantly put other role plays first before ours, especially if you're a high ranking.  We're not saying put us first, but we do appreciate active members. If you're seen online all of the time but never come on to help out and role play, you will be kicked regardless.

Respect everyone.  We don't just want you to look up to high ranks, but low ranks as well.  Unless an actual RP admin, ranking does not matter and OOC we're all on the same level.  So don't boss people around.

Singing 'What the Fox Say' in group chat is frowned upon and you will be removed from the group immediately.