T h e   V a n i d i c u s

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We only need the basic ranks for our pack, so there are not many to keep it short and sweet.  All taggings go before the name, and initiations may be found under 'Traditions and Initiations.'  


Mannen tier is the highest of the pack and demands respect.  They have done much and tried hard to be where they are, and if respected like they should be they will be just as respectful back.  Like the rest of the ranks, Mannen wolves answer to the Aima.

OOC REQUIREMENTS -  Follows all rules, on at least every other day and knows how to take care of the pack even when the Aima is away.  Also has completed both rights of passage for mid and high tier.

Aima (Ai)


In charge of all affairs and leads the pack, these are the leaders of the grand Vanidicus.  All Aima wolves must be skilled in everything, and not just one thing.  

Atten (Att)

Alpha's kin

Atten are those who are related to the Aima pair, either by blood or just simply close friends.  These are often younger wolves who are next in line for a high ranking- it is the multi-skilled rank of the Mannen tier and is 3rd in command.

Kide (Ki)

Beta and trainer of scouts or other ranks needing training.

In charge when the Aima is not present, Kide must possess at least two skills.  They are the second in command of the entire pack and tend to things the Aima pair may not.  Often in charge of large scouting parties and things of the like.

Erfaren {Er}

Elite soldier.

In charge of training every battle and guarding rank, as well as organizing flanks and killings.  They can be pretty brutal if ordered to be by an Aima or Kide.

Lakare {Lak}

Elite healer.

Often only tends to high ranks and emergency wounds, Lakare are the most skilled in the art of healing and are also shamans of sorts.  Often do Vanidicus wolves see Lakare for spiritual guidance, as Lakare are also in charge of being in touch with the pack's ancestors and organizing important ceremonies.  They also train and direct the lower healing ranks.

NESTEN TIER (Middle/Basic ranks)

Nesten tier is the middle tier of the pack and in charge of basic duties to keep Vanidicus alive.  They must respect and follow the orders of all Mannen tier.  All Nesten wolves hunt, so there is no hunting rank and over all very few ranks.

OOC REQUIREMENTS - Not many, middle ranks are often given rather quickly.  Simply come on at least 3-4 times a week, RP and do the right of passage and you will receive a middle rank.

Roppen {Ro}


Seeks information and looks around the borders of the territory.  Also in charge of keeping an ear out around the pack to make sure all are respecting and following pack law.  Ro wolves are often swift and stealthy, and are agile secondary soldiers if necessary.

Trained by Kide.

Kampen {Ka}


 Kampen fight for the pack, enforce law, and guard anything the Aima pair see that needs to be guarded.  An important rank, Ka wolves must be trusted and willing to put their life on the line for the safety of the pack.

Trained by Erfraren.

Menden {Med}

Medicine wolves.

Sorter of herbs, tender of sickness, pregnant wolves, and most wounds.  Menden must receive much training from the Lakare.

LAVESTE TIER (Lowest tier/Young/Unskilled)

Laveste tier consists of ranks in training, young wolves, or wolves that are just flat out useless and under punishment.

No requirements.

Rookie {vr}

Recruits, new to the pack.  Often receives their rank within five days of being in the pack, give or take depending on activity and loyalty.

Novice {Nov}

Young pups, under the age of 11 months and over the age of 4 months, who are in training to be a certain rank.  Must be mentored by at least Nesten tier.

Mongrel {Mo}

Seen as useless, Mongrel is a rank of only punishment.  They are often prisoners, toys to the pack who are often beaten and toyed with.  They are kept under close watch and must remain as servants to the pack who never leave camp unless accompanied by Nesten or Mannen.