T h e   V a n i d i c u s

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Welcome to the Vanidicus- the pack of the proud, the strong and the obedient...

The Vanidicus is a fully literate, beautifully mapped, semi-realistic pack centering around a pack formerly known as the Esthera and their times of despair living in a newly found territory  known as Bavan Hollows.
The territory has bound their souls to its grounds, and no wolf can leave without their life ending..
Now trapped in Bavan Hollows, the pack of Vanidicus tries to remain off the grid and secluded from the world, but with the arrival of a new pack with dark intentions, their wants to be hidden away and secluded won't last much longer...
Welcome to Vanidicus.

Quietly you pad through the dense forest territories known as the Bavan Hollows, not entirely sure where you are, but you do know that you shouldn't be here.  Its eerie, dark, cold..  The night slowly approaches, and your tired legs are just about to give out.  You are unsure how long it has been since you have rested, since you have seen a familiar face yet you keep trotting on in hopes you may find a place to stay for the night.
For what reason unknown, you walk alone among the dark pathways of Bavan.  With each passing pawstep, your paranoia grows for it feels as if you are being watched, as if the onlookers' eyes are piercing into the back of your neck.. But you dare not look back, for you are afraid of what you might see.
Deciding to pick up your pace despite your exhaustion, you turn around a corner on the pathway, and suddenly feel yourself bumping into a rather large form.  You then stop dead in your tracks, your heart racing as your gaze slowly lifted from the ground to face the large being you have come across.
"I wouldn't hang around here for long if I were you.."  He speaks, his pelt dark as night and his eyes blue as the sky.  He has scars around his embodiment, and his lips are crimson red...
"Bad things happen to those who walk all alone at night in Bavan Hollows."  He continued.
You're lost for words, unsure what to say.  Should you tell him your intent?  Your name?  Ask for directions or perhaps a place to stay?  Before you have time to respond, the large masculine leans forward to once again speak.  But this time, in a lower tone as if afraid others might overhear.
"The Vanidicus will provide you with the protection you need, loner..  There's no leaving here..  I would seek them out before you run into some wolf much more grim than I."
You get a strange sensation, a chill..  But the words from this brute seem to tempt you..  The pack he speaks of.. The Vanidicus? Do you seek them out as he suggests, or continue your inconsequential trek among the pathways of Bavan?   

T H E   B A V A N   H O L L O W S
The Bavan Hollows is also known as the territory of insanity, because if you spend too much time alone in it, you will loose your sanity.
The land is a mass territory with dense forest all around.  Whispers of wandering and lost souls can be heard as you walk, urging you towards  your darkest desires.
Bavan causes paranoia, insomnia, and in more extreme cases, insanity.  When you enter the lands of Bavan, you are forever bound to its grounds, for those who step out of Bavan die a painful death as soon as they step out of the territory..  You are bound here, and it is best you seek the guidance of a pack before it is too late.
Each day before night falls and the day comes to an end, the sky turns a blood red...  The pack waits eagerly to watch the sky, for the red sky is an omen of future misfortunes..  As dusk approaches, any and all loners in the territory have a few moments of sheer insanity until it is fully night time.  Never be alone in the Bavan Hollows.

Legends speak of a pack of strength, power.. a pack of obedience and stability, a family.  A pack known as the Vanidicus.
The Vanidicus was once known as the great Esthera, until new, young blood assumed control.  The former leaders and all that were still loyal to them left for a new life, a new pack, and migrated to a land known as Bavan Hollows...
At first their life was easy.  There was prey, there was stability in Vanidicus.. but within only a few moons, storms became constant, driving prey away and bringing the pack to be on edge.  When they tried to migrate once more, they couldn't..  For as soon as one stepped out of the territory, they died almost instantaneously..   Bavan does not allow them to leave, for their souls are bound to it once they enter..
Wanting to keep peace within the pack despite their misfortunes, the Vanidicus tried to remain off the grid and they hid away in the deepest regions of Bavan Hollows.. but a new threat is now rising involving plague and a new pack entering the land, Vanidicus must gather strength and soldiers to fight once more, just as the great pack was once known for.
Vanidicus is a strong, stable family who is always looking for soldiers...  For generations they have been strong and in power.. but with the arrival of a new pack, and a new sickness, can they save themselves before it is too late, or slowly fall into a pit of insanity like the rest of the sick?
Here in Bavan Hollows, you have no other choice but to stand with them, or perish with the rest of the diseased.  
The pack must rebuild their courage and skill before hysteria catches up with them...


The current Aima is Vrisity.

The current Kide are Piper, Kellar and Key.

The current infected wolves are Curse and Antoinette.

The season is early Spring.

The average temperature is 40*.

The weather is cloudy and windy.

The prey is running enough to keep the Vanidicus alive.

N E W  R E C R U I T S

New members must sign up and look over the rules and codes.  Map download as well as instructions are under the forums.  You are not required to read everything on the front page, but the writing in grey might help you.

If you're visiting the site but interested in joining, there is an application on our site that will allow you to send a sample and apply if you're too shy to in game!  Simply click 'Join Us' at the top of the page.